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Hi, noob intro post, don't eat the visitors :)

Hi there,

I'm just about to begin building a small home CNC machine/3D printer (reprap type without the reprap costs), all the electronics will be the same, just the tooling differs, I have no problems with the tooling, it's the electronics I'm not too hot at.

I'd like some assistance with this if any of you has the time/patience for an idiot me :)

What I'd like to do is use my printer port with opto-isolators to direct my machine, but use my PC to do the math.

What I'm looking at is using 4 of the i/o to determine the plane to move, 1 to control the direction and 1 as feedback for end-stops. though I'm still not sure this is the way to go.

Can anyone suggest a simple (and inexpensive) method of controlling 3 steper motors (For plane/direction), and speed of cutting tool (Software will work out speed needed, according to material and tool size) and ideally as many parts as possible should be able to be recoverred from off the shelf goods likely to be easily sourced from the likes of Freecycle/Freegle as I am environmentaly conscious.

Many thanks in anticipation.
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